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Known as the most approved caching plugin by the specialists of WordPress. Use wp rocket WordPress plugin to improve the speed of your WordPress site, SEO rankings and conversions. No coding required.

Fewer adjustments, more results

Now, no need to waste time with the complex adjustments and settings of the plugin. Get our WP-Rocket for better results.

Page’s Caching

Caching helps generate an ultra-fast load duration, mandatory for enhancing the grade of search engine optimization, and boosting transformation. When you installed the plugin of WP Rocket, the page caching feature is activated immediately.

Cache’s Preloading

The crawler of the WP-Rocket encourages the user to preload the cache, and by this, the indexing of your website by search is improved for better growth in pages.

Images Only On Request

This specification helps to maintain the website’s speed that is being disturbed due to containing images in the high ration. Images are only loaded when the user scrolls down, and Facebook and Instagram are the examples.

Static File Compression

This feature reduces the additional and unnecessary HTML file, CSS, and JavaScript through minification. In other words, the lighter the files and the brighter the speed.

Easy Customization

Its Uses is very easy, the customization in this plugin is as easy as 123. The developer can create features and creation as per the necessity quickly

Better SEO

A few Second less in page load time leads to google and other search engines drive website faster sites up the ranking.


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What is the primary role of the Wp-Rocket plugin

  • Wp-Rocket plugin exists as the caching and performance optimization plugin to upgrade the WordPress site’s loading speed. This plugin is free from complicated settings and features. It is simple to install and configure whether you have the skills of web development or not.
  • A beginner can use it as per the manual guide and install it within 3 minutes. Still, If you find any complication to install so, you can contact our support. Our support will be there to assist you regarding the query. Additionally, if the encountered issue is the time taken so they may take time to fix it.

What is the importance of the fast website in 2021 or upcoming years?

Several factors stand with this statement with evidence-

    • Google considered the speed as the ranking factor and if the sleep load of the website is good. So, there will be higher possibilities for the website to grow and rank.
    • Finally, if the speed is formal/good, the website will be user-friendly and easy to access.
    • The adequate loading speed of the website keeps the bounce rate lower.

Why Wp rocket nulled is considered as the best plugin amongst others?

Wp rocket consists of several features that are not available in the other plugins, for instance-

    • Wp rocket nulled comes with upgraded features to improve performance, such as- lazy loading of images, minification of JavaScript and CSS files, and overdue loading of JavaScript. 
    • It has a preload and sitemap preload feature, so whenever the user comes on the website from any source, they get the fast version of the page without any hurdle. 
    • Wp Rocket is easy to use, configure and install. To access this plugin, you don’t require any coding knowledge. Even though, if you are a fresher so you will not face any trouble to install it.

Can I switch from the existing caching plugin to wp rocket easily?

  • Firstly, visit the WordPress admin panel and disable the existing caching plugin. 
  • Secondly, add the wp rocket plugin and install it. 
  • Notable, don’t forget to remove the existing plugin before adding up the new otherwise, you may find challenges. 

Can I use wp rocket on the woo-commerce website?

  • Yes, the wp rocket is accessible with woo-commerce websites. Besides, it is easy to use, configure, install, similarly to WordPress sites. 
  • There will be a few minutes required to configure the plugin whether you are a well-skilled developer or fresher. 
  • Hence, if you find any problem while setting up this plugin, you may contact our 24*7 available support. 

Does wp rocket support on every browser?

  • Yes, the wp rocket is compatible with every browser, no matter what browser you are using. 
  • The results in the form of good loading speed will be the same at every browser such as Firefox, safari, chrome, and Mozilla. 
  • In case if you encounter any issue like err_too_many_redirects so try to fix it with our blog assistance. 

Does WP Rocket run on sites hosted by WordPress.com?

  • If you are managing a business or E-commerce site on wordpress.com, you can install the wp rocket nulled plugin on your website with the procedure mentioned above.
  • In case if you have chosen the premium or personal plan, so one will not be able to add the wp rocket or other plugin to your site.

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